Four Most Awaited 3D Printers of 2016

Four Most Awaited 3D Printers of 2016

1 year ago 0 0 1180

For many of us, technology dominates our minds and interests. That is especially true now, since there are so many amazing new products available, like 3D printers. These days, 3D printers are a topic of conversation for nearly everyone. Over the past year, a number of companies have launched their

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Top 3 ways 3d printing picture

Top 3 Ways 3D printing is changing the World

1 year ago 0 0 1161

3D printing has gone from science fiction to reality in less than ten years, and it’s brought a number of changes with it.  This new technology has had an impact on nearly every industry out there: everything from medicine and engineering to the arts and education has benefited from 3D

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3D business team assembling mechanical gears - isolated over a white background

Learn How To Assemble Your Own 3D Printer! (Part One)

1 year ago 0 0 1638

Think of it, that moment, the sense of accomplishment you’ll have when you’ve finished building your own 3D printer. And once your printer is completed, having the ability to bring anything you can imagine into the physical world.  Doesn’t that sound great? At Apple3DPrint, we have a passion for 3D

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Not a helmet, its a 3D printer for kids

1 year ago 0 0 1056

Kids these days are getting smarter than us, with them heralding their smart phones as if it was how traditional toys were meant back in the early 90s. Our upcoming generation is going to be one of an age of future geniuses. We should provide them with a platform which

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Another Wonder of Technology – Lego 3D printer 3.0

1 year ago 0 2 1963

William (An Instructables User) gave us a chance to learn how we can make our own 3D printers from Lego blocks. It’s really not easy to climb the stairs of success without making hard efforts, especially in the industry of designing. One is required to first think out of the

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3D printer becoming your fashion designer

1 year ago 0 4 3384

Science and technology have created a different kind of era for our upcoming generation. Gone are the days, when we used to , wish certain things could be created, something you’ve always thought of at the back of your head. But with the advancement of technology, our dreams are changing

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How your 3d printer can turn into a tattoo machine?

1 year ago 3 0 1124

How cool does it sounds? … Having your own 3d printer turned into a tattoo machine. Isn’t it beautiful how open sourced 3D printers could turn into many things imaginable? For those aspiring to have tattoo’s, or choose to own a business revolving around tattoo’s. It is a timely investment

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Which printer will you choose-01

Buying your first 3D Printer?

1 year ago 1 0 1141

Whenever we make our mind for purchasing any product or service for the first time, we are always on the look out for a safe investment. No doubt, no one loves to spend their hard earned money on any undesired items. That is why, it is essential to do proper

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This Christmas gift, get your cat a 3D armor

1 year ago 0 0 1248

We sometimes fail to understand the fear and feelings of our pets of being threatened by their arch enemies, the dogs. Well, for some of you might also consider your cats as the most dearest amongst all other animals in the kingdom. Perhaps with the big beady eyes when they

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First 3D printer portable Railgun

1 year ago 0 0 930

Technology has given power to an ordinary person with an abundance of technical knowledge to create whatever he or she wants with the help of engineering theories all easily sourced and understood online through a network of forums, guides and ebooks. And viola, the very first railgun that is ‘rather portable, and is

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10 Real Life Useable Things That You Can Print With 3D Printer

1 year ago 0 2 1844

Advancement in technology has helped a lot in providing different kind of comforts in our lives. 3D printers are one of the results of the greatest inventions of technology. Purchase of 3D printer is quite beneficial, as it helps in further making out other products. 3D printer itself holds the

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Specification for Idea werk wt280a plus

1 year ago 0 3 1407

If you are in pursuit of a 3D printers which contains all the features which you might have always dreamt of, then let me inform with you gladly that your search ended up at the right place. Whenever, we think of investing our hard core earned money anywhere or on

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DIY: Construct your own3D Printer

1 year ago 0 0 838

If you are here, then probably you are interested in initiating your first step towards the technical creativity, in order to make a 3D printers. This can be only lead by an individual who is having keen engrossment for understanding the science and engineering behind any electronic product or equipment.

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6 Most Essential Tools for 3D Printing

1 year ago 0 1 853

Having just started into 3D Printing, you must be wondering, “What do I need to get started? What are the tools I need?” Well, being a beginner, no matter where you are on the corporate ladder, asking friends or people around you wouldn’t hurt. For those “introverted” individuals out there,

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What does it mean by Calibration for 3D Printers?

1 year ago 0 7 2601

As you are reading this post, you may already have a 3D printer at one corner of the room or office or have even gone through the “Dummies Guide to 3D Printing” that I have provided valuable information on 3D Printers. And I hope it has given you a direction

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A Weird yet true phenomenon about maintaining a 3D printer

1 year ago 0 1 964

1 “Leaking of melted filament on top the Hot-end above the Aluminium Block of FDM 3D Printer” Problems with 3d printers are paramount no matter what type of 3d printers they are. And maintaining them is as important as how one bathes daily to remove the dirt from your body. Yes….

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