A Weird yet true phenomenon about maintaining a 3D printer

A Weird yet true phenomenon about maintaining a 3D printer

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1 “Leaking of melted filament on top the Hot-end above the Aluminium Block of FDM 3D Printer”

Problems with 3d printers are paramount no matter what type of 3d printers they are. And maintaining

them is as important as how one bathes daily to remove the dirt from your body. Yes…. Literally.

An experience till now i could not forget was when i bought my very first 3d printer almost 3 years ago.

The “Ultimaker” was reviewed by Make Magazine as one of the leading and stable 3d printers that has

great printing resolution as well as stability and consistency. Even the software that has been created for the

machine to slice the model file (in .stl) is the renowned Cura! Which, at that point of time I felt was one of the

best software for slicing.Have been using them to create printouts and samples for almost 3 months with not

much hiccups, once in awhile oiling the axis and maintaining it like how it’s advised on forums.

I invited a friend over who had been in the 3D Printing back in 2012. And he shook his head. Unbeknownst to me,

he was indirectly showing me the expression that i didn’t maintain my 3d printer as well as I should be. He kept quiet,

preheated up the 3d printer to 220 degrees, took out a plier, tweezers and some fibred tissues; ones that are

of higher quality. He cleaned with precision using the tweezers every nook and corner which seem irrelevant to the

output of my printing.

“When you take care of your 3d printers, they will help you take care of your prints”


Take for example a direct impact to your prints when you are not aware of any anomalies of your 3D Printer, which build up,

and in time, causes a problem that you would have to take much more hours to remedy.

While cleaning, “Hotend” the Brass pipe that was attached to the “Aluminium Block” broke as he was trying to clean the stuck

excess plastic that was building up on top of the Aluminium block while using a plier to hold the aluminium block in place.

A little idea on the brass pipe just above the Aluminium Block is shown in the above picture.

“Supposedly it should have melted the excess PLA atop the aluminum block, but a slight twist, and there goes

my broken Ultimaker”

Fast forward few weeks later, the Brass Pipe from the Ultimaker site came and I managed to fix it up. I had previously used a

woodfill filament from Colorfabb (10 working days wait), Laybrick from Orbitec (1 month wait) and some gold filaments as well

from Esun (Local Store).

Some tips for maintaining your 3D Printer (When not in use):
1. Dust off any dirt all around your 3D Printer (Dust can clog your Nozzles) at least once a week.

2. Using only “Machine Oil” or “WD40” lubricant for the “Axis” where there are moving parts once a month.

3. Using a “Tweezer” and some “Fibred Tissues” to clean the hot end every three to five days of printing.

4. Believe that cleaning unnecessary nook and corners that doesn’t directly affect your print is ESSENTIAL. Go on and try not to!

Do share some pictures @apple3dprint of you not maintaining your 3d printers. Any questions? Drop me a mail, I will try to answer them!

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