6 Most Essential Tools for 3D Printing

6 Most Essential Tools for 3D Printing

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Having just started into 3D Printing, you must be wondering, “What do I need to get started? What are the tools I need?”
Well, being a beginner, no matter where you are on the corporate ladder, asking friends or people around you wouldn’t hurt. For those “introverted” individuals out there, READ THIS POST.

There are various categories of many tools elaborated on “Tweaktown”. But what Apple3dprint is about to share are some of the most ESSENTIAL TOOLS you or anybody will ever need to know, and the reason “WHY?” you’ll need these lifesavers.


– Kapton tape is used for printers that essentially has a “Heated Bed”. It is a high temperature tape that protects your print bed and allows your prints (Especially when using materials that have the tendency to warp e.g. ABS) to sit on top of the tape.

– 3M Printer Tape (Blue/White) is often used for most 3D printers in the market. First and foremost, its usage is to protect the “Printing Bed”, and secondly, provides a slightly undulated texture for the melted plastic to stick to for a stable print. When used on a heated bed, the adhesive surface becomes so sticky that it will leave some adhesive on your printing bed, so it is not advised for use when you’re turning on the temperature of the platform.

– If you have a 3D Printer that has a print surface with holes, e.g. like a Printed Circuit Board, that’s even better as the holes will grip the melted filament.

2. Tweezer :

– Tweezer (Sharp tipped) is an essential tool in the arsenal of a hobbyist. You would use in a few scenarios.

Firstly, to ‘Tweeze’ off excess melted extruded plastic at the tip of the hot end. Secondly, you would use it to ‘Pluck’ of an edge of a thinly built raft. Do not underestimate the importance of this tool as it is also the tool used for cleaning nooks and corners of essential parts of your 3D printers.

3. Paint Scraper :

– Paint Scraper is essential especially when getting the stubborn print-out sticking onto the print bed. Try getting one that has a chamfered edge instead of square edge at its tip. It is used to slide underneath the prints to separate the surfaces.

Do note that getting one with a rubber grip would be helpful and gives you a better grip. Your choice.

4. Wire Cutter :

– Wire Cutter is used especially when taking and removing the “supports” and cleaning up burrs that may be present around the print-out

5. Allen Keys :

– Bunch of Allen Keys may seem rather unimportant, but it could be your life saver. As most printers uses ‘machine screws’ with hex heads, having an Allen Key set will help out. Such as tightening a loose screw or calibrating the platform bed.

6. Long Nose Pliers :

– Long Nose Pliers are important especially when you have some supports that are in hard-to-reach areas of your complex 3D print-out. Can also be used to tighten and act as an adjustable spanner too.

And that ends the ‘MOST’ essential tools to get started with a 3D Printer. Don’t forget to get a tool box to keep your tools too!
Do share some pictures @apple3dprint of your tools used for 3D printing. Any questions? Drop me a mail, I will try to answer them!

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