10 Real Life Useable Things That You Can Print With 3D Printer

10 Real Life Useable Things That You Can Print With 3D Printer

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Advancement in technology has helped a lot in providing different kind of comforts in our lives. 3D printers are one of the results of the greatest inventions of technology. Purchase of 3D printer is quite beneficial, as it helps in further making out other products. 3D printer itself holds the best features, among all the printers.

3d printing comes with various amazing features, one of them is, it played the most important role in the manufacturing of IKEA products, which we cannot even think of being constructed without the help of 3d printing service.

Some of amazing product which have been completed or manufactured with the help of 3D Printer Designs, have a look at them:

LACK end – caps :

Sometimes, we feel the need of shortening the legs of our LACK table, but at the same time, the thought of extra amount which you we have to pay for the furnishing of the table legs end, makes us drop this thought. But, if you are having 3d printers with you, then there is no need to get worried about anything. You just need to print end caps with the help of your Apple 3d printer. After this, adjust the end caps at the end of the LACK table and your problems will be sorted out easily.

Storage net :


These days, it is in trend to keep your belongings in a creative manner at your homes. In doing so, I can suggest you an interesting option which you can create with your own and along with that is easy to make also. All you need is to take the help of your 3D Printer Designs. You can make a storage net where you can store your books. Produce multipurpose hooks with the help of 3d Printing. Place these hooks at the corner of 4 pillars and set a net in between, and your storage net will be ready.

Designer containers :


As we all know, drinking alcohol is not good for health. So, when it is not a good practice, we can change our habits and perspective for our shot glasses also. Let me tell you in detail. If you are thinking of quitting alcohol drinking, then don’t feel that your shot glasses are now wasted. You can use them as spice containers also. Yes, and in doing so, 3D printers are going to help you out. You can produce strong gripped the lid from your Apple 3d printer. Once you have obtained lids from your 3D printer, just put them up on your shot glasses and there you are ready with your cute looking spice containers.

Swivel mounts :


At any event, the most important source that adds up light and brightness into the whole party or event is spot lights. As they amends a brightness factor to our events, so it is required that the spotlights should be fixed properly. To do so, you can take swivel mount which you can produce from 3d printer. These swivel mounts can rotate in 180 degrees.

Lid Clips :


Boxes or containers of different sizes should be available at home. So, that storage of your belongings can be done in a proper manner. To preserve your stored items, lid clips are essential. You can get your lid clips from your 3d printer. To get your own made lid clips, you just need to give instructions to your 3d printer.

Wall Mount :

Sometimes, our kitchen goes too messy, especially while cooking, when your spoons and spatulas are seen left over the shelf. In order to make it clean, you can have a wall mount which will be attached to your wall permanently. This can make things easier to search out for you in your kitchen. Take the help of Apple 3d printer and you can have it.

Beautiful Vase Holder :


Who would not love to see his or her flooring shining for always. But sometimes, heavy flower vase leaves their marks on the floor. In order to get rid of it, you can use a vase holder. These holders can be made up with 3d printers. Just make sure for which ever flower vase you are going to make, measure the size of it and then print the holder as per the size.

Mounting brackets :


Mounting brackets are required for lighting purposes. Sometimes, we want to light up a lamp on our study table, and this becomes a huge task for us when we do not find the right way out to stick our wires. So mounting brackets can be a good option for that. Take help of your 3d printer, and you can get your own mounting bracket easily.

Creative knife block :


Knife block or container is a ‘must to have’ thing in your kitchen. You can get it easily by giving some right instructions to your 3d printers. But to get it in the proper shape, pre heating of your 3d printer is recommended. So, that the block can get the exact shape which you want. The Higher amount of concern should be paid to the first printed layer. Make sure it cools down faster so that the next layer can be attached with it easily and immediately.

Side table :

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For making a side table by using your 3d printer, you just need three a glass and three strong and durable wooden or steel rods. Take a print of plastic hooks which you need to place in between the three rods, and place the glass on it, your side table is ready.


You must try out making these amazing products.

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  1. Gary

    2 years ago

    Are there any people to do a small run? Need 20 cylinders 4.5 ” tall, 1.5″ I’d, 1.6″ of. Withstand temperatures of 350° in an automobile oil environment.

    • Apple3dprint

      2 years ago

      Hi there Gary. Yes for sure. There are a few places where you can have small runs of the products. Do subscribe to our blog and you’ll have the answers at the last page of the ebook.


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