First 3D printer portable Railgun

First 3D printer portable Railgun

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Technology has given power to an ordinary person with an abundance of technical knowledge to create whatever he or she wants with the help of engineering theories all easily sourced and understood online through a network of forums, guides and ebooks. And viola, the very first railgun that is ‘rather portable, and is a result of creation by people like you and me. By profession, he is an engineer, and his devotion has designed this amazing railgun.

What you may think that, for creating such device, you might require some special or high-tech technical knowledge. Fortunately for you, with the right dedication and purpose, there is no such need of it. This man has just used some smart tricks of his engineering skills and created this railgun with the help of embedding a 3D printer into it.

This railgun can fire graphite, aluminum, plasma projectiles and tungsten at the speed of some 560 mph. Wow.. That sounds too amazing to even hear, and if it so interesting to even hear about it, what if we can watch it functioning live.


It’s unbelievable to even think of such a device which has been created without the help of some expert and that just by assembling some commonly available parts and a 3D printer. When I dug a bit more into this concept, I got to know, that this railgun holds great power which can easily deliver up to 3,000 kilo-joules of energy in every shot.

When I got to know about this, it was hard to even believe, but it feels great to know that this all is true. Now just like me, you must be feeling interested in knowing how actually this railgun works? Right? Well, when I wrote about it for the very first time, I was also in the same trap of question as you are right now. So, without making this question bother you anymore, let me answer your question.

This railgun before got exposed in front of the whole world, was tested been tested by the founder of it. This gun uses metal rods which are made up of graphite, copper-coated tungsten and aluminum. Talk about an Ion Cannon from Tony Stark. 😉

The functioning of this device is somehow similar to a gun, the difference is just that it works on the principles of electromagnetic technology. Some people must be thinking of it as any destructive weapon as it has a scary word added to its name and that is ‘gun’. This word, indirectly or directly makes everyone think of either military or terrorists. Well, there is nothing like that, this gun is just an amazing outcome of engineering techniques. One which could revolutionize technology in the near future at many folds.



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