3D printer becoming your fashion designer

3D printer becoming your fashion designer

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Science and technology have created a different kind of era for our upcoming generation. Gone are the days, when we used to , wish certain things could be created, something you’ve always thought of at the back of your head. But with the advancement of technology, our dreams are changing into reality. One of the greatest example of it, is Additive Manufacturing, otherwise known as 3D printing. It helps us in obtaining a real image or objects with a few clicks of the mouse and keyboards. Luckily, we are living in a generation where we can easily find out all the comforts in our lives. 3D printing systems are one of the amazing source or way out which can help us in getting whatever we want, or need. Previously, we have discussed about the various wonders and benefits of 3D printers for people who have subscribed with us. This time

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How your 3d printer can turn into a tattoo machine?

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How cool does it sounds? … Having your own 3d printer turned into a tattoo machine. Isn’t it beautiful how open sourced 3D printers could turn into many things imaginable? For those aspiring to have tattoo’s, or choose to own a business revolving around tattoo’s. It is a timely investment to perhaps own one and experience it ourselves, isn’t it? (My wife’s gonna kill me for that…) Well, I am sure it is going to be a great experience. Having tattoos on different body parts has came way a long way since the beginning of time where humans existed and are continuing becoming a huge craze among people these days, this trend is especially famous among the youngsters who have tattoo’s to identify themselves as a group as well as an individual who is special. It is an art that only you have. Every stroke is personalized to your skin

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Buying your first 3D Printer?

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Whenever we make our mind for purchasing any product or service for the first time, we are always on the look out for a safe investment. No doubt, no one loves to spend their hard earned money on any undesired items. That is why, it is essential to do proper analysis of the product that you are going to buy which includes comparing prices and specifications. This is often the best and smarter way to make your purchase. These days, 3D printers are in great demand. Why? It disrupts the original manufacturing processes so much so that one is able to fabricate their own items such as a door handle or even toys in  layer by layer process. This in turn, is also giving rise to the manufacturing of endless other duplicate products which serves the same purpose but are not produced with the same authenticity of a manufacturing house.  

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This Christmas gift, get your cat a 3D armor

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We sometimes fail to understand the fear and feelings of our pets of being threatened by their arch enemies, the dogs. Well, for some of you might also consider your cats as the most dearest amongst all other animals in the kingdom. Perhaps with the big beady eyes when they stare up at you and rub your legs with their fur. Cats feel scared going for a casual walk with us, because of street dogs or other wild cats. So, Jwall (A ) thought of making a 3D armor for his Bobo (his cat), and he made an amazing armor. Bobo now seems really happy and safe to wear it while going out on his stroll in the park. Jwall initially made the design, in which he wanted to make the 3d armor. Going with the measurements of Bobo, he made the armor with the help of 3d printer just

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