How your 3d printer can turn into a tattoo machine?

How your 3d printer can turn into a tattoo machine?

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How cool does it sounds? … Having your own 3d printer turned into a tattoo machine. Isn’t it beautiful how open sourced 3D printers could turn into many things imaginable? For those aspiring to have tattoo’s, or choose to own a business revolving around tattoo’s. It is a timely investment to perhaps own one and experience it ourselves, isn’t it? (My wife’s gonna kill me for that…) Well, I am sure it is going to be a great experience.

Having tattoos on different body parts has came way a long way since the beginning of time where humans existed and are continuing becoming a huge craze among people these days, this trend is especially famous among the youngsters who have tattoo’s to identify themselves as a group as well as an individual who is special. It is an art that only you have. Every stroke is personalized to your skin and the way the artist’s does it. The guys from Tatoué have modified the famous Makerbot Replicator 3D printer series into a machine used for tattooing. Talk about having a factory of them with people. How much could you make in a day with hundreds of them. Hmm…


Albeit to the contrarily notion of pain, perhaps it would seem a little scary for a machine to be doing such delicate feat. But technologies don’t advance if one does not break the cycle out of the conventional thought process. Thanks to the guys from Tatoué , they will be trying it out on themselves first, saving us the trouble of becoming Lab-rats.

The manufacturers of this technique initially tested this on silicon, and when they found out that the results was amazing albeit more modifications involved. The 3D printers were then further explored to be tested to print on the arms of the human being.

This practice was challenging for the team. the initial step is to tighten the skin of the person whose arm is under the 3d printer for tattoo making.

This being done, the machine will work properly as a tattoo machine, it is going to be a great fun. If this is successful, anyone can create different styles of tattoos from their own with the help of their 3D systems.

This is also the reason why the manufacturing team of this invention is still working with full dedication and determination towards this project.The manufacturing team is exploring towards a 3D printing machine which enable and ease the process of tattoos being printed on all parts of the body.

For making tattoo with your 3D printers one is required to change the needle of the nib which can make when will move can create different styles. This needle is replaced with the MakerBot of the 3d printer that helps in obtaining marks on the skin, or in other words, it can be called as making tattoos on the original skin of a human being. An individual can also use various colors which can give an interesting texture to your tattoo making.

This idea of making this invention originated in a workshop which was organized by the French Ministry of Culture. When the idea of such invention came into the mind of the developers of this machine, they thought about making some changes in it and thus used Autodesk software to upload different images or designs which can be further made up on the skin of an individual who wants to get tattooed from the 3D system.

When creating a tattoo, sometimes we feel that we want to customized our own design and pattern. Now, this invention permits an individual to make any kind of tattoo he or she want on the arms with the aid of a 3D printer. This is one of the many other benefits of having your own 3D printer. It can also be a business as well. Now then… I’m off to make my M3D printer print some tattoo’s on Fabric!

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