3D printer becoming your fashion designer

3D printer becoming your fashion designer

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Science and technology have created a different kind of era for our upcoming generation. Gone are the days, when we used to , wish certain things could be created, something you’ve always thought of at the back of your head. But with the advancement of technology, our dreams are changing into reality.

One of the greatest example of it, is Additive Manufacturing, otherwise known as 3D printing. It helps us in obtaining a real image or objects with a few clicks of the mouse and keyboards. Luckily, we are living in a generation where we can easily find out all the comforts in our lives. 3D printing systems are one of the amazing source or way out which can help us in getting whatever we want, or need.

Previously, we have discussed about the various wonders and benefits of 3D printers for people who have subscribed with us. This time our 3d printer has extended its limit of creation and invention and has proved itself time and again that it could very well be as convenient as a paper 2d printer.  Often, being someone with no technical skills as I was starting out, I often thought of many ideas that I would want to be created. However, the time taken, the resources needed and the money needed to be spent on designers and engineers to create something that I wished to have previously way exceeded what I could previously comprehend. With 3D Printers, it is now possible to transform the ideas into reality in a matter of hours.

Well now… with a 3D Printer, what would you print?


For those who have had a 3D printer, you would really understand the possibilities that it presents. Also, for Apple3dprint subscribers, you could download a comprehensive ebook guide why you should or should not get a 3D printer. Our world is blessed with amazing and brilliant geniuses who have invented such technologies moving forward in the advancement of how we live and work. Due to this reason, various savvy fashion designers have been experimenting with the latest technology of 3d printers.

Their inventions have created various feats in the world of fashion designing. Yes, now you can use 3D Printers for making jewelry items for you. In a sense, Shapeways.com would be a website where you could have your ready designs 3D printed in the material that you wish to have. How cool does it sound, knowing that we can design our own jewelry items as per our wish and designs. These days organically designer-styled jewelry is in great demand and trend. And such kind of jewelry can be easily obtained with the help of 3d designs.

Soon, 3d printers will be made applicable to make customized buttons on clothing’s as well. Now then, what kind of target market can 3D printing be applicable and appealing to?

Lucky for the ladies, it can be possible if you are having a 3d printer with you. Having accessories that are designed with the individual in the mind. Wouldn’t it be a fashion disaster going to a party and seeing someone who is wearing the same accessory as you?


What jewelry ideas do you have in mind?

If you somehow know the tricks and usage of this amazing product, trust me, you could very well become your own designer in no time. Jewelry items are already a range of target market which are always changing through the times, some are trendy and others are sophisticated. With this product, you can obtain whichever kind of jewelry you want. No doubt, you are really not able to make jewelries with precious metals with your domestic desktop 3D printers, but many have proven that it could replicate the exactly the imitated copy any jewelry in various plastics used in the desktop 3D printers.

What will you use a 3D Printer for? Do share your comments and views over in the comments and share with the community on what would you do. For those who subscribe to Apple3dprint. I will be sending out a top-secret document and e-book which is not shared with the public on making the right choice of 3D printers and how to get the most out of them. Stay tuned.



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