Not a helmet, its a 3D printer for kids

Not a helmet, its a 3D printer for kids

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Kids these days are getting smarter than us, with them heralding their smart phones as if it was how traditional toys were meant back in the early 90s. Our upcoming generation is going to be one of an age of future geniuses. We should provide them with a platform which can help them feel interested towards doing new inventions and creations with the help of new techniques and devices, one such device that can be used by kids also is 3D printers. Now, you must be thinking, how such a latest technology can be used by kids, who hardly knows anything about it?

Well then, if you haven’t figured out, 3D printers are manufactured and as well as designed in such a way that it won’t really going to hurt your kids in any way. So, you don’t have to worry about it.

Think of that moment, when you are trying to concentrate on your work over the weekend, and all of a sudden, your kids come and starts pulling at your shirt to play with them. Sure, it puts you in a dilemma of a work you gotta complete by noon and the quality parent-child time you have to spend with your kids. Then what you can do is, just buy a 3D printer for your kids and make them engaged with their ideas and innovations, with a little guidance in the start.

You can call it a ‘toy maker’. Kinda looks like a helmut, ain’t it? These all factors when comes together makes it a high tech device. As it is manufactured especially for kids, no doubt, looking at its safety perspective of the ‘visor’ was quite essential. That is why, it is fronted by a translucent visor – style glass which will work as a safety guard for your kids.

When this device is printing any object, the translucent glass automatically shuts down so that your notorious
kids do not poke their hands while the process is going on. Meanwhile the printing is going on, the printer nozzle will
get locked. Now you can imagine the security standards that have been designed for your kids.


If you are still pondering questions that why you should buy this product or any other 3D printers for your kids, then let me disclose some really beneficial aspects which certainly are going to strike your mind for once at least to have this product for your kids.

Have a quick glance, at some purposes it can serve:

  • It is an educative as well as a fun loving toy maker
  • Totally safe for kids
  • No complex operational instructions, your kids are going to learn them easily as there is only one automated button required to be pressed.
  • Availability of WiFi network

Seemingly easy to operate, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Kids can easily do anything for themselves. Gone are the days, when your kids use to urge you for getting a new toy for them. With the help of 3D printers in the market aside to this seemingly cool device, they are able to fill their toy bucket, as per their wish and command.

Have a look at this amazing video, where you will see how beautifully a boy is making toys for himself in order to become a super hero. Girls don’t feel upset, you can also use this for making high – heeled shoes for you, simply as shown in this video.

Get some amazing ideas from it and start making. Hurry up!


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