Four Most Awaited 3D Printers of 2016
Four Most Awaited 3D Printers of 2016

Four Most Awaited 3D Printers of 2016

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For many of us, technology dominates our minds and interests. That is especially true now, since there are so many amazing new products available, like 3D printers. These days, 3D printers are a topic of conversation for nearly everyone. Over the past year, a number of companies have launched their versions of 3D printers, all with different specifications.


Recently, a shootout of various 3D printer was held. During this shootout, a group of technical experts examined and tested each and every brand name of 3D printer. From their research, they created a list of the best 3D printers available today. The top manufacturers were:










Sinteritbrings Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)printing straight to your desktop. In this printer, the laser burns fine powders into physical objects. This meansyou’re able to get a 3D print of whatever you want.


Sinterit is one of the brand names thatdelivers ready for 3D printing features with the most compressed size and wireless operating system. The internal camera module, embedded within, allows the user to see and helps in keeping a record of the printings processed through the printer.


Here is a quick glance at the specifications:


Max Build Envelope: 130mm x 170mm x 130mm

Scan Speed: 500mm/s

Laser Power: 5W

Connectivity: WiFi

Material Cost: Approximately $100/kg


These printers aren’t exactly cheap. Currently, they are available in the $8,000.00 range. Those who want the absolute finest qualitycan go to a Fused Deposition Modeling(FDM) printer, but for that upgrade, you’ll have to pay a bit more.


If you are in the process of deciding whether or not to purchase a Sinterit 3D printer, let me share withyou that Sinterit hasmade a proclamation that they are providing adiscounted price of $5,000.00 for the first five buyers. But that’s not all. If you happen to be in the next batch of five buyers, you will be paying $6,000.00. They aren’t stopping there, either. The next group of five buyers can purchasethis 3D printer at thediscounted price of $7,000.00.




This resin-based printer is includedin thislist of top rated 3D printers because of its faster printing process—it’s 25 to 100 times faster than SLA printers!The printing process is so fast that you are hardly able to see the printing of different layers. The immensely high speed uses UV lights to crystallize resin.

The Carbon3D printer works on the principle of continuous printing technology.It is installed with Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP), which is a chemical process that helps in balancing light and oxygen in order to eradicate the mechanical processingof the layers. It projects light via an  oxygen-permeable window. This window makesthe whole procedure of printing visible to the user.

Some other amazing features of the Carbon3D are:

-Exploiting light and oxygen

-Super fast speed

-Profit-making trait

-Different material types available




Not every 3D printer is able to give you a solid printed object,but MarkForged worked on making solid and durable 3D prints that can even be utilized inindustrial parts. They have tried carbon composites in printing,which permits them to have fully 3D printed parts thatare just as strong as the same items made of metal.

The materials used that makes the MarkForged 3D printer products stronger than others are:

-Carbon fiber






In the world of 3D printers, this company came up with totally new ideas to give theirsa new shape and advanced features. Voxel8 3D printers work on electronic principles and are built with a novel 3D printing platform. Whenusing these printers, you can get a co-print matrix–thermoplastics and eminently conductive silver ink, for example. This means you’d be able to embed circuits right into prints for a complete end product.

Materials used in its manufacturing include:


-Voxel8’s silver ink

-Conductive filament

-Conductive paste


To ensure you’re making a smart purchase, it’s important that you make an informed decision.I hope this article has been somewhat useful in helping you to make yourd ecision about purchasing a 3D printer.


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