6 Most Essential Tools for 3D Printing

6 Most Essential Tools for 3D Printing

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Having just started into 3D Printing, you must be wondering, “What do I need to get started? What are the tools I need?” Well, being a beginner, no matter where you are on the corporate ladder, asking friends or people around you wouldn’t hurt. For those “introverted” individuals out there, READ THIS POST. There are various categories of many tools elaborated on “Tweaktown”. But what Apple3dprint is about to share are some of the most ESSENTIAL TOOLS you or anybody will ever need to know, and the reason “WHY?” you’ll need these lifesavers. 1. KAPTON TAPE / 3M PRINTER TAPE (BLUE/WHITE) : – Kapton tape is used for printers that essentially has a “Heated Bed”. It is a high temperature tape that protects your print bed and allows your prints (Especially when using materials that have the tendency to warp e.g. ABS) to sit on top of the tape. – 3M

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What does it mean by Calibration for 3D Printers?

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As you are reading this post, you may already have a 3D printer at one corner of the room or office or have even gone through the “Dummies Guide to 3D Printing” that I have provided valuable information on 3D Printers. And I hope it has given you a direction on the kinds of machine you should purchase, FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) type. Terms: 1) Extrusion : The process of spewing plastic out of the Hot End 2) Calibration: The process of adjusting a 3D printer to its best optimized state to print successfully or nicely. What I am about to share is how I have gone about experiencing calibration issues which took me long to actually recognize how it can affect my printing outcome. I have illustrated a simple diagram for an easy understanding: a) Un-calibrated or Not Calibrated You will generally experience two different issues: The “Hot End”

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A Weird yet true phenomenon about maintaining a 3D printer

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1 “Leaking of melted filament on top the Hot-end above the Aluminium Block of FDM 3D Printer” Problems with 3d printers are paramount no matter what type of 3d printers they are. And maintaining them is as important as how one bathes daily to remove the dirt from your body. Yes…. Literally. An experience till now i could not forget was when i bought my very first 3d printer almost 3 years ago. The “Ultimaker” was reviewed by Make Magazine as one of the leading and stable 3d printers that has great printing resolution as well as stability and consistency. Even the software that has been created for the machine to slice the model file (in .stl) is the renowned Cura! Which, at that point of time I felt was one of the best software for slicing.Have been using them to create printouts and samples for almost 3 months with not

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